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The automotive industry has had several significant technological advancements that have improved the driving experience for all drivers. The evolution of technology in vehicles has affected all drivers, from commercial drivers to personal car owners. Vehicles nowadays have improved technology that enhances the driving experience and improves safety, enabling easier navigation and maintenance. These technologies have enhanced the driving experience, making driving a much simpler experience and increasing road safety for all road users globally. Car carriers have also enjoyed the fruits of these technological developments through several improvements to their vehicles' systems.

  1. Autonomous driving systems

Autonomous driving systems got introduced in passenger cars by pioneers like Tesla. These systems allow vehicles to brake, accelerate and steer on most highways using artificial intelligence systems, leaving the driver with a more relaxed driving experience. While autonomous systems have not reached complete driver independence, the driver experiences less stress as they navigate busy roads, helping them drive the vehicle. For car hauling services, especially, the presence of autonomous driving systems is ideal. In the past, long-distance drivers often broke a sweat during their journey since they required intense mental awareness and pinpoint alertness to safely ensure they got to their destinations. With these autonomous systems, car haulers, especially those in Lorries and trailers, have a reduced load when navigating through their deliveries. It also makes it easier to maneuver the cumbersome vehicles in tight traffic and cramped roads, enabling the drivers to make deliveries to inaccessible areas. 

  1. Satellite tracking and Navigation systems

Satellite tracking and navigation systems have also improved the driving experience for today's drivers. With navigation systems becoming more accurate, transportation has become easier, especially for drivers in unfamiliar locations. Auto Transport in Kenya has significantly benefitted from these navigation systems since drivers can now accurately deliver their cargo to their clients in a pre-determined duration. Further, satellite tracking has reduced auto-crime instances, where drivers can easily track their cargo delivery progress or locate their vehicles when they get misplaced. These technological advancements have significantly increased the efficiency in the car hauling industry improving accountability and increasing profits.

  1. Safety systems

Safety in transportation has leaped significant bounds in previous years, helping reduce the number of accidents and fatalities experienced on roads annually. There are several safety systems in modern vehicles that help protect a car's occupants and other road users. Airbags and safety belts have been in use for several decades now, and they keep getting more effective to reduce injury to a vehicle's occupants. Seat belt pre-tensioners have now become more effective, gripping drivers harder to prevent ejection. Airbags also deploy much faster when necessary to reduce injury. Innovations on the safety front include pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitoring, reverse cameras, automatic braking, and night vision systems. These technologies allow a driver to have better control over their vehicles, reducing instances of accidents. Car Carriers in Kenya benefit from these safety systems that enhance both the safety of their drivers and their cargo and other road users.