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Most car owners may face the need for transportation at least once during the ownership of their vehicle. Most cars may need transportation when the cars break down or when the buyer needs their car imported after an overseas purchase. That said, car hauling is a critical activity, as the transporter needs to guarantee the vehicle's safety while offering the customer value for money. Auto transport in Kenya varies in cost depending on several factors, and a potential customer needs to consider these factors before choosing an appropriate car hauling service. These factors include; weight and size of the vehicle, hauling distance, delivery timelines, and season.

Hauling Distance

The distance over which the car will be hauled plays a vital role in determining the cost of shipping your car. Generally, transporters charge clients for hauling their vehicles depending on the distance covered. Consequently, hauling your car over a long distance will result in higher transportation charges. Further, the destination also affects the cost of the haul. For instance, carrying a car in Kenya to a major city like Nairobi or Mombasa will cost less than moving to a rural location like Marsabit. Major cities are popular transport routes, and thus a hauling service will charge less, while hauling a car to a rural or remote area will require the transporter to turn aside from the main route, requiring extra fuel or security. Additionally, it is expensive to import a vehicle depending on the source and destination.


The delivery schedule of your vehicle will also affect how much you pay for it to get transported. Usually, car carriers in Kenya give guidelines on how much money is payable for delivery times, ranging from hours to several weeks. It costs higher to get your car transported faster, while longer durations are more affordable.

Size and Weight of the Vehicle

The cost of hauling a car will also get affected by the size and weight of the vehicle. The price will vary because different size vehicles will require other means to transport them. Car haulers like Car Carriers Kenya have a range of cars for transportation, usually light lorries and larger trailers. For instance, smaller size and weight cars can easily get transported via a small lorry, which will require less fuel. On the other hand, larger vehicles may require more specialized transportation such as trailers or even getting airlifted, consequently pushing up transportation costs.


As will every other industry, car transportation gets affected by seasons; there are high and low seasons. During the high season, the demand for transportation is high, and depending on the need, the cost of transportation can be higher or lower, and the same applies during the low season. When the demand for transportation gets elevated with a limited supply of transport services, the cost of hauling your car during the period will skyrocket as available transporters try to deal with the demand. On the other hand, with increased demand, the cost may be lower, mainly if multiple vehicles get transported on the same route. During the low season, some transporters like Car Carriers Kenya may charge lower to cope with the lower customer traffic and entice more customers to work with them. Sometimes, however, transporting your car during the low season can result in extra costs, especially if the route is unfamiliar and the transporter has to charge extra.